Adhesive Transfer Tapes

This tape is specially designed for use on membrance touch switch assemblies, attaching metal or plastic on metal surface, interior panels, attaching variety of vibration and damping material, attaching rear view mirror, graphic application to surfaces such as wood, fabric, plastic, abs, epdm, steel and for die cutting applications. The application which requires good holding power under stress and load on low energy surface this product is best suited to such applications.

We have a range of products as follows :

3M 467 MP 24" X 60 YARDS l80 YARDS OR 48" X 60 YARDS
3M 468 MP 24" X 60 YARDS/ 180 YARDS
OR 48" X 60 YARDS
AVERY HPA 1922 24" X 60 YARDS
AVERY HPA 1925 24" X 60 YARDS
50U /100U
24" X 60 YARDS