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Scapa Thermal Conductive Acrylic Foam Tape


Scapa AS1A0L is a 0.25mm thick thermal conductive acrylic foam tape and consists of thermal conductive acrylic foam carrier with balanced performance acrylic adhesive on both sides. The product is available in white.

• LED Array (Metal PCB)
• Display back chassis
• Components of timing controller


• Service Temperature -30℃ to +100℃ (continuous)
• Temperature Short Term Performance Range -30℃ to +180℃ (maximum duration of 1 hour)
• Consisting of a high quality pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive
• Good resistance to moisture and plasticizer
• Very good at multiple substrate (Plastics and others material)
• Resistance to abrasion, corrosion and moisture
• Suitable for indoor environments
• No known hazards associated with this products
• Pre-determined dimensional bonding tape reduces waste
• Clean to use